Monday, 31 March 2008

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

I was waiting for a friend during a fleeting visit to NY when I saw her.

My friend was 30 mins late,

those that know me know that 10 mins is unacceptable but 30!

I really wanted to see this friend,

if not I would have left.

I ordered an espresso and tried not to get annoyed. I

smelt her before I saw her,

she walked right passed me and she smelt of spring.

Fresh, sweet, flowers in bloom.

And so I turned just to see, as you do.

My heart stilled when I saw her

Never have I seen such amazing beauty

Her eyes, oh her eyes.

They were big and beautiful

I was aware that I was staring

but an earthquake wouldn't have torn my gaze from this creature.

Her hair was long, beautiful big curls

That shaped her face like a frame

making her beauty more apparent

If that was at all possible

Her figure was a joy to behold,

She was neither skinny nor fat

Blessed with curves were curves should be

She was beauitiful, that she was

I watched her as if mesmerised

As she spoke, I watched men and women alike fall under her spell

She laughed but I was too far away to hear here

She threw her head back and rubbed her hands together, so animated was she

She was drinking a latte, at least I think it was a latte

She licked her lips and I was suddenly aware of how it felt to be a man

And to watch a woman weave a web of desire and intoxicating adoration over her prey

She must have felt me looking because she suddenly turned towards me.

My heart stilled but I couldn't look away.

She smiled, her beautiful pearls blinding me for a split second.

I wanted to smile back but she had turned way.

She was wearing a jacket and I guess the she was getting hot because she took it of

Her skin was caramel, unblemished

I noticed she was wearing an engagement ring

And I wondered how any man was able to capture her heart

Tinu, Tinu,

Was I dreaming or was she calling my name

No, It was my friend, not only late but rudely awakening me from my reverie.

I reluctantly averted my gaze to my friend who although beautiful in her own right, paled in comparison.


Charizard said...


Charizard said...

wooow...hmmn..I love the power in your descriptions

Anonymous said...


Jaycee said...

Wow...although I totally loved ur description of this mesmerizing beauty, I can't help but feel sorry for ur friend who "paled" in comparism. Lol

tiffanycaselady said...

very noice description

Catwalq said...

u r into women now?

dang gurrrlllll

omomummy said...

wow beautiful write up.

Sha said...

nice one

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Anonymous said...

wow although a nice post...i cant imagine feeling that way about another woman....

Ms. Catwalq said...


april wan finish o...u go update?

Anonymous said...

u havent updated in april o!

vindication through innocence said...

pele!! dont should write a book jor- lol at the whole 'made me feel like a man'!! so what were you feeling like before?

Olamild said...

i was here

darkelcee said...

howdy do?been a while.

Just checking on you

~Mimi~ said...

if i was your friend i go vex oh...ahn ahn..LOL

wordsmith said...

is this the last time we will hear from you :(