Friday, 30 November 2007

Moving, Talking, Dinner and Dentists

My people, the last two weeks have been so eventful, I haven't even had time to process it all. When I do I am going to come back and give you an extra long post. But these are just the basics
  1. I am moving to Saudi after christmas, big step for me but I am excited.
  2. My dad and I had a proper conversation, no tears or tantrums just two adults talking.
  3. I had dinner with Mr Brown, okay, so maybe he isn't a total @**hole.
  4. I finally went to the dentist. Hooray!

When the dust settled I will fill you guys in on all the details of the past couple of weeks.


Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Ladies Night!

For the first time in forever I was having a girl’s night out

“Dinner round mine first” I had told them.

I picked up the phone and called Peking palace trying unsuccessfully to ignore their grumbling.

The wine was in the fridge; I took it out and watched the bottle start to sweat.

I make a mental note of everything,

It’s been too long since I had a night like this

I have missed my friends, we talk don’t get me wrong but it’s just not the same.

The door bell rings and I rush to get my purse

An aroma fills the hallway but it’s not Chinese, its Dolce and Gabbana’s light blue.

She has been wearing the same fragrance for four years, my friend.

I smile; the smell brings back memories, filled with laughter and joy.

I close my eyes as if I will be magically transported back to that time

I open them almost immediately; it’s time to make new memories

I hear screeches in the living room and I rush to be a part of the madness

How I missed the madness

They are talking about D’s dress; apparently it’s so short that she can’t even bend over

I make a mental note to be the pickerupper of any dropped items

We eat the food, we drink the wine and we talked the talk, hours went by.

As usual no one wants to get up, the planner in the group reminds us of the time

We all look around and burst out laughing, something about this seems way too familiar

After intensive cajoling, we all make it out the house,

The cab driver is a warm, funny old guy, as he drops us off, he tells us not to drink too much

As if!

The music was amazing, the company, incredible,

At the end of the night we struggled to all fit on my bed,

I remembered this part; it was the survival of the fittest

Where one person gives up and takes the sofa

No one ever wanted to be on the sofa, but tonight I gave in easily

I lay on the sofa and replayed the evening’s events as if willing myself to remember every detail

I hear a noise and turn to see my best friend, “welcome back T, I missed you” she says

I ponder that statement for a little while then I fall asleep.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Dentist Appointment? Oh, I'm too busy!

"But I haven't even told you what day or what time?" I was glad my friend was on the phone and not in front of me. But even then, I could still picture the disapproving/incredulous look on her face. I didn't blame her, I knew I was being ridiculous.

How can a 25year old woman be afraid of the dentist. I have had this tooth ache for almost s month now and it just keeps getting worse. I have been going through aspirin like they are sweets. Yesterday someone actually asked me why I "pop" so many pills. I have to sort this out oh, before a rumour starts to circulate that Tinu is on drugs.

I had a doctor friend write me a prescription for antibiotics because my gp said it was passed that stage and needed a dentist's attention, So far it has had no effect.

Today was the last straw, it hurt so much that I couldn't concentrate and in the end I gave up and came home. Yet here I was refusing to take the dentists appointment. Na Wa oh, I need help, any shrinks out there please help me overcome this fear oh! At this rate I will be toothless before I qualify for a freedom pass.