Saturday, 15 December 2007

Dinner with Mr Brown

Ok so I finally gave my notice, After the usual "Is there anything we can do to change your mind" song and dance, they wished me well and asked me to clear my desk. We arranged a date for my debriefing and I turned my back on the place that had been my home for so long.

I hadn't planned on giving notice until just before Christmas, but I need some time to process all these things, to pack properly and to just chill out before I move. Now that I have no fall back plan, this move is seeming more reckless than exciting, but I am still young and if there was ever a time to take risks, it is now!

Guys I am sorry oh, it was never my intention to leave you hanging in regards to Mr Brown, its just that I was literally updating and dashing out.....

So I met up with Mr Brown and he was still very polite and unassuming. I was really thrown by his behaviour that it made me awkward.

Mr Brown: Thank you for coming
Me: No problem, It sounded kinda urgent, whats the matter?
Mr Brown: I am sorry if I made it seem like life or death, but I just wanted some advice, Its about my sister.
Mr Brown's sister is a legend unto herself, I knew her before I knew him and I didn't make the connection for a long time. On paper she is amazing, all the right schools, all the right grades, all the right internships. Even in person she looks/acts capable and competent. Okay, to be fair, I heard that she is pretty good at her job. But here is where it gets murky, Miss Brown is a total slut. I don't use this word very often but in her case I will make an exception. She has slept with half of the trading floor and is still working her way through the list. According to the rumour mill, she was caught in a very compromising situation with one of the big bosses. I really can't stand her, she may do a good job but she just makes it harder for herself too be taken seriously.

Me: Oh, whats the matter with your sister?

Mr Brown: You don't have to feign ignorance, I know you know what she has been doing, everybody knows, except for me it seems.

Me: Your sister is an adult and there really isn't anything that anyone can do.

Mr Brown: She is pregnant, she doesn't know who for, she wants to keep it. She wants to make my family a laughing stock.

Me: So what do you think I can do ?

Mr Brown: Talk to her, she seems to respect you, she always talks about you as if you are a superstar, In fact, she is the reason I met you.

Me: Oh?

Mr Brown: Ok, not the first time, which I cannot apologise enough for

Me: Water under the bridge

Mr Brown: But the time after that, the reason I decided to use you guys, to specifically request you. I just had to meet you.

Me: So did I live up to your somewhat exaggerated expectations?

Mr Brown: No, You exceeded it.

I hid my smile.

Me: Back to your sister, to be honest there is nothing I can do, I am flattered that she thinks so highly of me but she is a grown ass woman and she needs to make her decisions by herself. The only person that will have to live with it is her.

Mr Brown: And me of course, and my poor mother who I haven't told yet.

Me: So what exactly do you want me to do?

Mr Brown: Tell her that having a baby will ruin her career, that you had to make sacrifices too

My people, my guilty conscience at this point made my ears burn.

Me: Sacrifices? What sacrifices do you know that I made?

Mr Brown: I don't know I am sure you will think of something.

Me: Look, I really don't want to waste your time, so let me just say this, there is no way that I can convince your sister to get an abortion because it is none of my business. I don't even like the girl.... Oops
I am sorry, I really didn't mean to say that.


Mr Brown: No, there is no need to apologise, speak freely.

Me: We don't have to have dinner you know, we could just go.

Mr Brown; Now why would we do that?

Me: I don't know, we have concluded our talk.....

Mr Brown; No, I am starving lets eat, unless you'd rather...

Me: I am hungry as well. Ok, lets eat.

Me: So, how is Hanatu?

Mr Brown: Who?

Me: What do you mean who? My friend, the one that you met at the poetry open mic,

Mr Brown: Well, why would I know how she is ?

Me: Didn't you exchange numbers, didn't you guys go out?

Mr Brown; No, we didn't but its interesting how interested you seem in my love life

Tinuke don't you dare blush! I didn't even bother to try and figure out why Hanatu had lied...

Me: Look, I am making conversation...

Mr Brown: easy tiger, I am just teasing.

I wanted to tell him about my new job, I wanted his advice, He was familiar with that territory. But I couldn't, he was doing business with my firm and I wasn't ready to have the news get out.

Me: How many sisters and brothers do you have?

Mr Brown: just the one, that's why I am trying to make sure she turns out right. You?

Me: Just the one, a brother.


After Dinner, Mr Brown offers me a ride home, I accept. sitting in his car, with him in such close proximity, I am hit by a lot of conflicting feelings. As if this wasn't confusing enough, his scent was distracting me from my thoughts and......

Mr Brown: Tinu, Tinu.

Me: Oh? Yes

Mr Brown, Are you ok, you seemed lost in another world

Me:, I was just running through my plans for tomorrow.

Mr Brown: You're home.

As I gather my things together, Mr Brown gets out of the car,

Mr Brown: Well that was fun, wasn't it?

Me: Yes, yes it was.

He leant in and I held my breath,

"Goodnight Tinu" He whispered in my ear as he barely kissed my cheek.

Me: Goodnight. Relieved that he hadn't tried to kiss me

At least I think it was relief


bumight said...

aww.. so sweet.
I'm getting used to being first. lemme secure my position first!

bumight said...

as I was saying jare, Mr. Brown sounds like an ok guy, but how do u convince someone to have an abortion?

Tinuke said...

Ask me oh! What is my own in the matter sef?

Anonymous said...

ouuuuu. i love the change of events. Good luck on you new adventure. oh and by the way could you make it your new year's resolution to UPDATE MORE OFTEN. geez Tinu.

Anonymous said...

Tinu is falling in love again. Hooray. You go girl do your thing. As you can see life really is beautiful.


na wa o!! which kain thing be dis? wetin be ur own na? plus how can u even convince someoen to have an abortion? na so e easy?

good luck with d new job babes, have fun and go easy on Mr Brown ehn?

Idemili said...

It was not! LOL